Ecumaster EMU Black

The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines presently available. 

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Technical details

  • 8 fuel injector outputs (5A)
  • 4-6 AUX outputs (5A)
  • 6 ignition outputs -passive or active coils software selectable (7A)
  • 4 stepper motor outputs - bipolar/unipolar (1A)
  • 2 EGT direct inputs
  • 2 knock sensor inputs
  • Inbuilt wide band lambda controller LSU 4.2/LSU 4.9
  • Inbuilt map sensor 400kPa
  • Inbuilt baro sensor
  • 4 digital inputs VR/HALL – software selectable
  • 3 dedicated analogue inputs (TPS, CLT, IAT)
  • 4 additional analogue inputs (0-5V)
  • compliance with ISO 7637
  • support 1-12 cylinders
  • max rpm 15000
  • injection time resolution 16us
  • ignition advance resolution 0,5 deg
  • knock sensing 1-20 kHz
  • Speed Density, Alpha-N algorithm
  • table VE 16x16, resolution 0,1% VE
  • ignition table 16x16, resolution 0,5 deg
  • AFR Target table 16x16m, resolution 0,1 AFR
  • Injector voltage compensation
  • coil dwell calibration
  • user calibrated IAT, CLT
  • PID idle control strategy
  • boost control,
  • nitro injection control;
  • Aux outputs for fuel pumps, rad fan ..
  • motorsport strategies launch control, gear dependent shift light, flat shift ( gear change cut)
  • logging over 100 parameters
  • possibility of check engine lamp
  • USB communication no additional interface needed
  • user friendly software with free firmware upgrade
  • manual and support in English and polish language
  • 24 month warranty

PC Requirements:

To properly work with the EMU device following minimum is required.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 16bit
  • CPU with a clock of at least 600MHz,
  • USB port.

What is in the box

  • ECUMASTER EMU Black device,
  • USB lead,
  • connectrors,
  • set of terminals,
  • Laminated pinout.

EMU Black information:

EMU BLACK bespoke enclosure is made from CNC machined aluminium. The enclosure design guarantee high immunity to mechanical damage, water resist (IP65) and very good heat conduction from electronic components. 
Additional hole through the enclosure provides mounting point. 
At the front of the enclosure there is a micro usb sealed connector for PC communication and MAP sensor connection pipe(?)

EMU BLACK utilize 4 layers PCB board and most of components are SMD type (except connectors) and coated with special surface protecting the board and components from moist. Due to design, the device is extremely immune to the vibration.
Device is assembled according to IPC-S-815A standards on fully automated assembly line with optical inspection to ensure highest possible quality.
Carefully electronic components selection allows proper device operation in very wide temperature range (-40C to 105C) (AECQ-100 GRADE2) 

EMU BLACK has has two additional analogues inputs in comparison to regular EMU. In addition to this each analogue input has software selectable pullup / pulldown (4700Ohm). For CLT and IAT inputs the pullup resistor is 2200Ohm and could be disabled via software. That allows easy sharing temperature signals with OEM ECU when connected in parallel. 

EMU BLACK introduces 3 digital switch inputs that could be used for activating strategies by switching input to the sensor ground. 

The input circuit for trigger inputs was redesigned. For each trigger input (Primary trigger, CAM#1, CAM#2 and VSS) pullup / pulldown could be selected (4700Ohm, 1000Ohm, 820Ohm) as well as analogue filter level (none, low, medium hall). 
Primary trigger input could be HALL or VR (software selectable). For VR sensor the adaptive level could be changed (low, high). 
For CAM#1 and CAM#2 inputs the reference voltage could be defined in separate 2D tables in function of RPM what greatly improves noise immunity for VR sensors (the higher RPM the higher trigger voltage threshold)
For VSS sensor VR or HALL sensor type could be selected.

EMU BLACK introduces separate input for Flex Fuel sensor ( regular EMU uses CAM#2 or VSS input for this purpose). 

Ignition output circuit was redesigned especially the driver of active coils. EMU BLACK supports active and passive coils (software selectable). In comparison to regular EMU it is possible to drive 2 active coils from one ignition output. In addition to this when active coils are selected for connected passive coils no damage occurs. 

The stepper outputs of regular EMU were replaced by two state of the art bullet proof H-BRIDGEs with over 6A continuous current (1A for regular EMU). It allows to control stepper motors, electronic throttle, VANOS as well as any solenoid with current draw lower than 6A (low and high side drive possible)

Due to high current capability of built in H-BRIDGE, EMU BLACK is able to control directly electronic throttle (no external module required). Moreover the control strategy was improved (two times higher update rate, defined PWM frequency from 1000Hz to 8000Hz) to allow higher precision of throttle control. For safety reason the DBW strategy works on 2 separate processors and any malfunctioning in one of them causes throttle limp mode. 

All AUX outputs of EMU BLACK have built in fly-back circuit for precise control of solenoids (in regular EMU external diodes are required for PWM controlled solenoids). 

Wideband oxygen sensor circuit was redesigned to support LSU 4.2 and LSU 4.9 Bosch sensors. 

EMU BLACK has built in CAN bus support (as well as separate serial communication) with software selectable 120Ohm terminator. 

Regular EMU use the same internal voltage regulator for internal circuits and external sensors (+5V output). EMU BLACK introduces addition +5V regulator for 5V output. In addition to this there are two +5V output terminals for easier harness design. 

EMU BLACK has new power scheme. The +12V is provided by fixed 12V input (it is used for powering the device and flyback circuit). The switched +12V is used to turn on and off the device.

EMU BLACK introduces 3 separate sensor ground terminals to allow easier harness design. 

EMU BLACK uses 2 connectors (black and gray). The gray connector (24 ways) has the same pin layout as regular EMU. The black connector is replaced by 39 ways one. Due to smart pin layout it is very easy to repin regular EMU black connector to the new one. 

EMU BLACK software is improved over the regular EMU. The configuration tree has now additional hierarchy level what makes navigation easier.
Data sheet
Weight390 gram

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Ecumaster EMU Black

The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines presently available. 

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Temperature rangeAECQ100 GRADE2 (-40 to +105˚C)
Reverse battery protectionYes, internal
Operating voltage6-22V, immunity to transients according to ISO 7637
EnclosureIP 67, custom CNC machined aluminum
Size (mm) and weight(g)150x72x31, 390
Connectors1 x 24, 1 x 39 FCI Automotive connector
PC communicationUSB (with PC client software), serial, CAN


Injector outputs6 protected outputs 5A, low side
Ignition outputs6 outputs 15A (passive and active coils supported)
Aux outputs6 protected outputs 5A, low side
Other outputsFull bridge up to 7A, can be used as separate outputs or 2 H-Bridges
WBO heaterProtected low side up to 5A
CommunicationSerial, CAN BUS 2.0B


Analog inputs9 inputs, resolution 10Bits, 0-5V (protected)
EGT inputs2 for K-Type thermocouple
Knock sensor2 inputs
Oxygen sensorLSU 4.2, LSU 4.9 or Narrow band
Trigger inputs3 (primary, 2 cams) Hall/ VR software selectable
VSS1 (Hall / VR)
Flex Fuel SensorYes
Switch inputs3 inputs, switched to ground


Temperature sensorsIAT, CLT, Oil temperature, AC evap temperature
Pressure sensorMAP, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure (user defined characteristic), AC pressure sensor, Back pressure
Oxygen sensorLSU 4.2 or 4.9 (built in controller), Narrow band, external WBO controllers
SpeedVehicle speed sensor (VR/HALL), Gear sensor (sensor, calculated)


InjectorsUp to 8 HiZ injectors (sequential)
Injection angle control0-720 deg, start or end of injections
Battery compensationUser defined, wizard for popular injectors
Fueling strategiesVE based speed density, Alpha N
Air charge temp.Based on IAT and CLT
VE table2 tables 16×20 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.1%
Individual cylinder trimYes
Staged injectionYes
Additional correctionOxygen sensor corrections, EGT correction (per cylinder), BARO, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, Warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel pressure, Knock sensor
Lambda based real time correctionUsing Lambda target table
Acc. / Deceleration enrichmentYes


Ignition outputs6 for passive and active coils (software selectable)
Supported triggersN-1, N-2, N-3, N+1, Multitooth, Subaru triggers, Nissan trigger, Lotus Elise, Audi trigger, Renault Clio Wiliams / Alpine, Colt 1.5CZ, Wrangler
Ignition angle table2 tables 16×20 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.5 Deg
Per cylinder trimYes
Dwell time battery compensationUsed defined,  wizard for popular coils
Odd fire compatibilityApplication dependent
Additional correctionCLT, IAT, TPS vs MAP, Nitrous,  Idle, Knock sensor, LC, Pit limiter, ALS, Flat shift, Timers, Acc. enrichment


Resonant frequency range1-20kHz, 3rd order AAF
SamplingIgnition event driven, knock window
ActionsIgnition retard, fuel enrichment, dashboard indication


Control typePWM solenoids (2,3 wires), drive by wire, stepper motors (bi and unipolar),  ignition cut, fuel cut
Control strategyOpen / Close loop , ignition angle control
VE correctionYes, for Alpha-N
CorrectionsAC clutch, coolant fan, analog input


Boost ref  and target tables2 sets 10×10 (TPS vs RPM)
Control strategiesOpen / Closed loop (PID based)
CorrectionsGear, VSS, IAT, EGT


Control strategyAdvanced 3D PID + static friction compensation
Supported throttlesAll with DC motor and current requirement lower than 6.5A

Wizard for 28 popular electronic throttles

PPS to throttle position characteristic3D table
BLIP supportYes
ALS supportYes


TC strategyDelta RPM, gear compensation
Torque reductionSpark cut using 3D table (16×20)
Sensitivity control10 position rotary switch


Supported systemsVVTi, MiVec, VANOS, Double Vanos
Number of camshafts2
Control strategyPID based closed loop, CAM angle target tables 12×12


Ethanol content measurementYes
Fuel temperature measurementYes
Tables blendingVE, IGN, Lambda/AFR, Boost, Cranking fuel, ASE, Warmup
Fuel temperature PW correctionYes


ALS2 independent ALS setting, DBW support
Shift lightPer gear shift light
Launch controlYes
Gear cutYes (Open loop), DBW blip supported

Source: Switch, load cell, CAN

Pit limiterYes
Rolling anti lagYes


Fail safe values for critical sensorsYes
Dashboard indication of failuresYes, user defined
Over temperature engine protectionYes (oil and coolant), user defined, RPM limit
Low oil pressure protectionYes, user defined, shut off
Fuel pressure protectionYes, fuel dose compensation, RPM limit, engine shut off
High exhaust temperatureAlarm, per cylinder fuel trim, boost limit


CAN standard2.0B 125, 250, 500, 1000 kBps
Supported CAN Dashes3ECUMASTER, Motec M800 Set 1, Haltech E8 E11v2, Pectel SQ 6, AEM
Supported OEM CAN streams3BMW E46, Citroen C2, Mazda RX8, Ford ST, Polaris RZR, Mini Cooper R53, Fiat 500, Renault Clio, Lotus, Ford Fiesta, Ford ST, EVO X (AYC support)


Unused injection outputs can be used as AUX outputYes
Output functionsFuel pump, coolant fan, parametric outputs, nitrous control, PWM 3D table output,  AC clutch, main relay, speedometer, tachometer
Password protectionYes, 2 levels
TimersFuel, Ignition, Boost, timers controlled by virtual outputs
Serial dashboard supportAIM, RaceTechnology
Built in trigger scopeYes
LoggingReal time logging to PC computer, logging on external loggers (serial / CAN)

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